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Your good friend asked his girlfriend’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage today, and it’s near midnight, and you’re texting.

You texted him, “Mission status?” and after some time, he texts you back, “All systems go!”

And you’re genuinely happy for him. But you’re also genuinely tired. Take normal tiredness and multiply it by a coefficient of moderately sick to produce the state you’re in.

Needless to say, your patience wore down while you waited for him to respond.

You’re coming to realize, patience is a fickle friend. And the irony of patience is that it doesn’t wait around for whenever you need it most, and comes and goes regardless of how greatly you need it.

The fickleness of your patience, your impatience, makes you fickle too. It makes you a fickle friend.

You know you don’t have the ability to truly (fully) love if you don’t have patience. You’re still loving to your fullest, and you’re truly trying your best. Sadly, you are. That’s the tragedy. Better love comes from becoming better people.

The topic deserves deeper attention, but you don’t have the patience.

You’re tired.

Good Night.

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